Betty Tompkins - בידי האמנית נהפכה הפורנוגרפיה לציורים

הפורנו, שהפמיניזם אוהב להוקיע, משתקף בידי האמנית על תולדותיו המשולבים בתולדותיה, כהתמודדות עם המגדר, הציור, ומה שביניהם

קליק על התמונה לכתבה המלאה

The idea is to show penetration sharply and precisely, with as little distraction as possible. Porn is not a soft-focus art form. It does not intend to frustrate the scopophillic drive but to enable it. It is presumed to be primarily for a male audience because women purportedly do not respond to such imagery, and most theoretical works by feminists assume this to be true. I find the tenacity of this assumption somewhat puzzling. One thing about Tompkins’s paintings is that they are in relatively soft focus. They do not recast the image in the same tight, highly focused manner seen in pornography, and this might help us to see that they are in fact about something else: painting, for one, and beauty and abstraction.

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